How to Avoid Going Back to Jail in Chowchilla, CA; Do Not Drink on Bond, Keep Working when on Bail & More

Hopefully, if you have found yourself in jail recently, you have been able to get out on bail. It is far more comfortable to spend your time in the comfort of your home rather than the discomfort of a jail cell. It is important that you make sure you are being careful when you get out on bail though. By making the smallest of mistakes, you could wind up back in there. To make sure you don’t make mistakes that could disrupt your life further and wind you up back in jail, Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds is here to share some tips to keep you safe and at home after getting out on bail.

Can I Drink on Bond?

If the reason you got arrested in the first place had anything to do with alcohol, there is a solid chance that you will be ordered to not touch it while you are out on bail. There may even be random drug tests that will happen to make sure there isn’t any in your system. Even cases where alcohol wasn’t involved in your arrest, it’s always a good idea to avoid alcohol while you are out on bail. This is because any bad behavior that is witnessed can result in the court revoking your bail.

Stay Away from Bad Influences

There are certain friends that aren’t going to be good influences for your while you are out on bail. Some of your friends might have even been involved in the circumstances that lead to your arrest. Even if the court doesn’t prohibit you from spending time with these people, which could absolutely happen, you should use your best judgement and create some space there. Some bail conditions have a no-contact order that it is important you observe. Failure to do this or to get mixed up in trouble with some friends that aren’t good influences on you, and you could see yourself back in jail.

Can You Work when on Bail?

There are many things that are taken into consideration during your court proceedings after getting arrested. The ties you have to your community is a big one. You should never quit your job when you get out on bail because this just simply doesn’t look good. Many bail conditions require that you keep your job or find a job that can help keep you out of trouble while out on bail. If you get out of jail and then suddenly quit your job, this isn’t something the courts will want to see and will raise questions with them.

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