Reasons Bail is Denied in Earlimart, CA; Crime Charged With, Arrest Record, Flight Risk & More

When you are arrested it means that someone has witnessed a crime and that you are the person of interest and you are being charged. There are tons of laws that you could be caught breaking that can land you in jail. They can be anything from a minor traffic citation all the way to battery and even murder. You want to make sure you know what the law requires and what happens after you are arrested. Everyone that has been arrested is innocent until proven guilty and they will be given an opportunity to plead their case. Once you are arrested you will get to see a judge to have a hearing about setting you a bail amount. This is an important part of the process and is the only time that you will be given the chance to get out of jail while you are waiting for the next hearing or trial to begin. You want to make sure you know what is going to happen during this hearing and what the judge is going to look at when making the determination. Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds lists the top reasons your bail could be denied after you are arrested.

Bail Can Be Denied Due to Crime

One of the first things the judge will be looking at is the charge you are coming in with. This is not something you are guilty of at this time but still must be considered. If you are arrested for an array of dangerous charges that include sexual abuse, murder and other major violence, the amount can be high. It can also be denied if it is a felony that is a danger to others around you. The charges are only a part of the things that the judge will look at.

Your Arrest Record Can Get Bail Denied

When you are arrested there is a record that is being formed under your name. That means that each time you are approached and/or questioned by the police they can see what crimes you have committed. This is something that will last on your record and taken into account if you are looking for bail. The judge will pull the record and if there are arrests for the same type of offense they will not likely go easy on you. You want to be ready for the news if you know you have an arrest record. If it is bad enough the judge can even deny you bail.

Being a Flight Risk is a Reason for Denying Bail

Bail is something that happens when you are arrested but before you are able to try and plead your case. That means you will be given bail that you have to pay but you also will have stipulations. They will include showing up to court hearings. If the judge thinks that you are not going to show up to your court dates or you will flee the area they can deny you bail. If you do not show up to court you cannot be held accountable for your actions.

Denied Bail if You are Considered Dangerous

Another aspect of your record that the judge will look at is if you are a danger to yourself or those around you. This can be determined by the crime and your actions that have come since the arrest. If you are deemed a danger to the public the judge is sure to deny you bail and that means that you are left to sit in jail waiting for a trial.

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