How is Bail Determined & Why Would a Bond Be Increased in Exeter, CA? Crimes & Other Factors

Under US laws, the right of an accused to follow their court proceedings out of remand centers is granted by the right to bail. To make sure that the accused attends their court dates during the trial process, bail is a considerable amount of money or a surrender of an equivalent to the bail amount in custody of the court. Where there is a general amount set priced for bail for specific crimes, there are a few considerations the judge looks at when deciding bail and we at Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds would like to share those today. It is important to understand the determinants of bail bonds. The information necessary for a citizen to understand and apply in real-life scenarios is what informs the judge of his/her bail bond ruling. When setting bail bonds for different lawsuits which include, the judge takes into account several factors.

Bail Prices for Crimes

The amount of bail is determined by the kind of crime committed by the accused. Depending on the severity of the charge, the judge can increase the bail amount to a figure the accused cannot afford. A likelihood of the judge denying bail to the accused are applied to most common felony charges, such as murder. Also, the judge may deny bail in severe cases such as if the case were ruling on a death sentence or proof of guilt is clear.

Bail Depends on Criminal Record

In comparison to individuals with a clean record, those with a criminal record will have a higher bail set. However, bail may be denied in the event the accused has other ongoing cases or is on parole. It is considered a breach of the release agreement thus no need of being out on bail should one commit a crime when on parole.

Bail for Flight Risk

The judge will likely deny bail if the accused has skipped court appearance before. Bail denial is also unavoidable if the defendant is likely to flee the country to avoid court proceedings. The judge can deny bail by the fact that nation or states can fail to compel their nationals to return to the state for prosecution. In the event the accused is a non-US citizen, being granted bail is impossible and in addition to the consequences of the crime committed, the individual will likely face deportation to their country.

Likelihood of Interference within the Community or a Witness

Bail may be denied in the event a judge believes or there exists strong evidence that the accused will interfere with the prosecution witness. The strength of the case will be reduced, for instance where an accused is supplied with witness information, and the possibility of contacting them is possible. This is especially so in of sexual assault and capital crime cases, resulting in having a low possibility of being granted bail. Also, in the event a defendant is deemed dangerous to protect prosecution witnesses, victims and to deter the possible occurrence of crime, the bail is typically denied all together.

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