Reasons Bail is Denied in Riverdale, CA; Threat to Community, Flight Risk, Crime Severity & More

Being arrested for a crime can be scary especially if you have never been in trouble before. Most people have many questions about what happens and what they can do to get out of jail. You want to be able to get out of jail as soon as possible and that is where your first appearance comes into play. Everyone that has been arrested will have to see a judge who will set bail so that you can get out of jail. Some people do not have the funds, means or family to help them get out of jail. You will need the help of an outside source such as a bail bond company. Once you have seen the judge you can work on your case and do what is needed. Although this seems easy enough, there are times that the judge will not allow any bail to be set and that means that you will be left in jail until the trial and the sentencing. Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds outlines what might cause a judge to deny bail and leave you sitting in jail.

Judge Will Deny Bail if You are a Threat to the Community

The court has to take into account the threat that the person that was arrested might be to the community. Part of the job of the judge is to make sure that the witnesses and the other members of the community will not be in direct danger if that person is let out even for a temporary amount of time. They will look at the crime and try to determine if it will continue to happen if that person is allowed out. If there is concern that they will continue to cause trouble the bail will not be set. They also want to make sure that evidence as well as witnesses are kept at ease before the trial may begin.

Severity of Crime is a Factor in Deciding Bail

If you have been arrested and taken into custody you have been charged with a crime. The judge that is there to set bail will look at the charges that you are being arrested for. Although you are innocent until proven guilty the crime is still considered. If you are arrested for a crime that is severe you will not be offered any bail. This might be murder, treason and other capital cases. You will have to remain in jail until you are set in front of a jury.

Judge Can Deny Bail if You are a Flight Risk

The judge also will look at the person and what ties they have to the community as well as ties outside the community as well. You will likely be required to stay in the city or county until you see the judge again. If you are a risk of potentially running and not coming back to face your trial then you will denied bail and kept behind bars.

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