Tips on Signing a Bond for Bail in Hanford, CA; Record Court Dates, Set Reminders & More

There are some phone calls that you never want to get. One happens to be that someone that you love has been arrested and they are calling to get your help. That call is usually not easy for the person that has been arrested. They can feel embarrassment and some guilt calling to ask for help. The biggest issue is that they have to contact a single person that will run point on getting them released from jail. The option to stay in the jail until you have been seen by a judge and potentially had a trial does exist but is not usually the best option. Many people want to be able to get out of jail so that they are able to continue to live a normal life in the process as well as prepare for their case. Staying behind bars hinders that person from making any strides in the right direction. The bail process is easiest for most arrestees when they have a trusted source that will sign on their behalf. If you are the person that gets that call you want to make sure you are aware of what you need to do when signing for someone’s bail.

Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds Outlines What You Need to Know About Signing for Someone’s Bail Bond

Record Court Dates & Set Reminders: Once you have signed for bail on another person’s behalf you need to make sure you are aware of all your responsibilities. Even though you are not the person that has been arrested you are on the hook. That means that if the person that you have signed for does not meet all the requirements you are on a position to be in trouble yourself. The first thing you need to get is to get a calendar or set alerts in your phone. The reason is that the person that has been arrested will need to attend court dates throughout their case. This can be several dates depending on the extent of the hearings that are needed. They have to be at each and every one. If they don’t, the court will issue a warrant and they will be taken back to jail. Then you are on the hook for any fees and other monetary obligations.
Make Payments & Pay Fees on Time: When someone is released from jail they are not totally a free citizen. They are still under some obligation to the court as well as the bond company. One of the obligations that they often have to make is payments to the bail company. They need to ensure that they are not late on any payments and if they plan on being late it is best for you to make the payment on their behalf. You don’t want to let the account get behind because if it does they can be re-arrested.
Keep in Contact with Arrestee & Bail Bondsman: You also want to make sure you are in contact with the person that was arrested and also with the bail bond company as well. They will want to know that you are working with them and alerting them to any troubles right away. This can be if the person you bailed out is getting into trouble or is struggling to meet any of the obligations.

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