How Do No Collateral Bail Bonds Work in Fresno, CA; Factors in Determining Eligibility & More

Generally, most people have the opportunity to post bail following an arrest. There are several options when it comes to posting bail. Most folks want to get out of jail as quickly as possible so they can return to their responsibilities and get their defense started, but not everybody has a variety of funds at their disposal. However, there is a little good news and that is you may not need to put up lots of collateral to secure a bail bond under certain conditions. We at Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds would like to take a moment to talk about no-collateral bail bonds.

What is a No Collateral Bail Bond

Essentially, your bail bonds person is vouching on your behalf that you will appear in court on your scheduled time. It is something likened to that as a loan of sorts. Instead of paying your balance, you simply show up in court. Generally, when you appear in court, you receive your collateral back as a security measure. You skip this step with the no-collateral bail bond.

How Do Bail Bonds Without Collateral Work?

In order to secure your bail, a no-collateral bail bond indicates that you do not need to sign over property or additional money. However, skipping on your bond, and failing to appear in court will make you solely responsible for paying the remainder of the bail. The bail bond company used to secure your freedom would make you responsible for that money.

Benefits of a No Collateral Bail Bond

One of the top benefits of securing a no-collateral bail bond is that you won’t have the stress of gathering the funds or finding property to put on the line. This gives you the opportunity to get back to work faster to avoid being fired. You do have to simply pay a small fee and move forward to put up collateral. To prevent having to go back to jail and paying for the bond make sure to show up for your hearings.

Factors in Determining Whether a No Collateral Bail Bond is Offered

When a bail bond agent first considers the factors, we will review your criminal background. We will take into account if you have had frequent arrests and if so your track record as far as bail is being paid. Any previous skips will make it ineligible. The bond agent will also consider the crime you have been arrested for and will need to be appearing for in court. Minor offenses are more easily bailed out on than more serious crimes and the violent crimes and felonies are generally not awarded no-collateral bond. The bail bond company will also review your credit history. If your history reflects that you fail to pay your credit debts, it would suggest that you are irresponsible and less likely to show up to court and pay your bail if you skip as opposed to somebody who has a better credit report. The length of time you been living in an area as well as being employed also carries weight in the decision as well. Those who drift and do not have a lot of history in the area are more likely to skip on their court obligations than someone who has roots in the area.

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No matter what your circumstances are when you need to post bail, call Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds and speak with our experts to find the most optimal solution for your case. We will help you get bailed out quickly and discreetly and we do offer no collateral bail bonds to approved applicants.

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