What Constitutes Trespassing? Fines & Needing Bail if Arrested & Charged in Selma, CA

Getting a call that you have a loved one that has been arrested is not a call anyone wants. It can be a very stressful time in your life and even more so for the person that has been arrested. The process of being arrested is the same no matter what the crime that you committed. The arresting officer will take you into custody and take you into the jail. The jail will process you through their system and have you placed in a cell awaiting your time to see the judge. The reason behind an arrest can vary and the severity of the crime will be a part of the sentence. One of the crimes that most people don’t know much about is trespassing. This is a crime that has many levels of severity but is enough that you may be arrested.

Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds Explains the Consequences of Trespassing on Private Property

What Constitutes Trespassing?: When it comes to trespassing there are several ways that it can be viewed. The main aspect that comes with trespassing has to do with land and/or property. The crime occurs when someone crosses over the property or enters in the property without the owner giving approval first. The owner of the property has the right to allow and deter anyone from using or entering the property. A trespasser may be arrested or charged with criminal and even civil crimes. The person that owns the property will have to work alongside the police department to have the offender arrested.
Signs of Trespassing: When it comes to keeping your property safe from people that might want to trespass is to use signage. The signs that you want to use will need to alert anyone that passes by that they are not welcome on the property. You can check into the laws in your area about the signs that are required and what the rules are about trespassing. You have the right as a property owner to go after the offender as long as you have alerted the property authorities. The other aspect of trespassing can come into account if you were welcome on the property but then asked to leave. If you refuse to leave you can be arrested for the same crime of criminal trespassing.
Can You be Singled out for Trespassing?: The other part of trespassing that some people are not able to understand happens to be when one person is singled out. If you are in an area that people regularly are allowed to be and congregate, you can still be arrested for trespassing. Just because other people are not picked up that happen to be in the same space as you is because they may not be causing trouble. The property owner or manager may ask someone to leave that is being disruptive or damaging the area. They can be singled out as a nuisance and be arrested.

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