What Can You Do to Prevent a Drunk Person from Driving & Needing Bail to Get Out of Jail in Chowchilla, CA?

Drinking is customary during social events or for those looking to remove the stress of the day. However DUI’s are all too common of a problem. Not only is it a major inconvenience to be arrested for a DUI, it is also hazardous to you and others around you. That is why it is every person’s obligation to drink in moderation. Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds will share a few tips to be a safer driver after drinking as well as a few other tips that can help any avoid a DUI.

How to Prevent Drunk Driving

1. Don’t drink alcoholic beverages. It must be said the best and surest way to avoid a DUI is not to drink anything that can impair your judgment. Drinking and driving puts too much at risk such as your life, the life of others, your job or even losing your personal property.
2. Of course most drinkers like to drink, and not drinking isn’t quite what they had in mind. Most drinkers are aware that eating helps to absorb the alcohol and prevents them from getting drunk. Knowing the amount of food to alcohol ratio they can consume without getting completely drunk helps if they must driver later. It is also wise to stop drinking and eat something about an hour before hitting the road to help sober up.
3. After minor drinking it also helps to focus on your driving. Don’t talk on the cell phone and don’t worry about adjusting the radio, or temperature n the vehicle. You should do all of these things before you even start your vehicle. Once on the road focus only on your driving.
4. It helps after light drinking to avoid being pulled over. Maintain your vehicle. Make sure all your lights and blinkers work, and that you have current plates on your vehicle. If you’re driving a questionable vehicle, you may want to avoid drinking.
5. Make sure you obey all traffic laws. Don’t make yourself a target, especially after drinking. Even if you believe you are sober, the scent of alcohol on your breath can cause problems.
6. If you have the opportunity after a bout of too much drinking, sleep it off, even if you need to sleep it off in your car. If you’re over intoxicated it is best not to risk your car, your life or the well being of others around you.
7. If you are aware that there will be excessive drinking in which you will be taking part, arrange a ride or have a designated driver. You can always arrange a taxi or Uber driver if they have services in your area. Don’t drive yourself. Have someone drop you off and arrange for them to pick you.

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One of the most common cases of arrest is for DUI. However there are times when someone may have had more then they intended to drink and find themselves arrested. Should this have happened and you realize you need to get out of jail fast; you can contact Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds. We can help get you out of jail quickly and efficiently. The next time you’re in jail, regardless of the reasons for the arrest, contact Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds today.

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