What Happens if a Defendant Does Not Appear in Court? What Does Bond Forfeiture Mean in Selma, CA?

Any time you are wanting to get out of jail on bail it can end up costing a pretty penny and come with quite a few intricacies, but most people are just happy to be out of jail. There are certain conditions that must be followed or else the person let out on bail is taken back into custody. When a person either knowingly or accidentally doesn’t follow these guidelines there are serious consequences. Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds would like to help you avoid a bond forfeiture!

What is a Bond Forfeiture?

When a someone is let out of jail on bail, there are conditions that must be met. If they aren’t, the defendant is facing going back into custody and giving up the right to be free before his/her trial. These might include getting arrested again, or failure to appear in court. When a person skips their court appearance either willingly or accidentally a bail bond forfeiture happens. After this a warrant is put out for the defendant and the full amount of the bail is due to the court.

Is There any Way to Avoid Forfeiture if You Don’t Go to a Court Date?

Anybody that gets out of jail on a bail bond should understand all the consequences that could happen if they don’t comply with all the conditions of the bail. Not only do they lose the opportunity to be free until the trail, but they end up losing their money. In some instances, the courts will reinstate the bail if the court feels there was a suitable reason for not showing up in court. This could include a death or illness that made it impossible to be there. An appropriate illness would be one severe enough that the defendant was confined to a bed with an order from a doctor. Courts can often be understanding of mistakes and accidents if they feel like the excuse is valid and the defendant shows up in court promptly after the non-appearance. However, being in jail in a different location isn’t considered a valid reason for not appearing. Generally, before the forfeiture becomes final there is a certain amount of time given to bring the defendant in to the court.

What Happens if a Defendant Does Not Appear in Court?

When there is a failure to appear in court there are other charges that can now be placed on the defendant. They may be charged with a “failure to appear” which is a serious charge and shouldn’t be taken lightly. The court may also issue a bench warrant that is a separate charge and and carries its own penalty aside from the original charges the defendant is already facing.

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If the defendant wants to stay out of jail and enjoy his/her freedom, it is imperative that they show up for their scheduled court date. Failure to do so will not only cost them their personal freedom, but also their financial freedom will be lost. If you or someone you know is in jail and needs help getting out on bail, call Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds for help today.

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