What is a Ramey Warrant in Sanger, CA? How is it Different from a Walk Through Bond? How Much is Bail?

In layman’s terms, a Ramey Warrant is an arrest warrant that is issued to a law enforcement officer by a judge and used to arrest a specific suspect. A Ramey Warrant is typically three or four pages long and contains information such as the name of the suspect, a physical description, last known address, and a statement of probable cause along with a description of the crime(s) which have been allegedly committed. The statement also lists the name(s) of the victim(s) and the amount of bail which can vary depending on the case. A Ramey Warrant is issued before the actual filing of criminal charges.

How is a Ramey Warrant Different from Walk Through Warrants?

In most cases, a law enforcement officer will submit a report to the District Attorney. If the District Attorney feels that there is enough evidence to file a case, the law enforcement agency can petition for the case to be filed and an arrest warrant issued. This is known as a Walk-through Warrant. The difference between a Walk-through Warrant and a Ramey Warrant is that the officer may bypass the District Attorney and go directly to a judge. The law enforcement agency will submit a declaration, along with a written report to the judge listing out the reasons for requesting that the judge issue a warrant. If the judge agrees that there is both probable cause and sufficient evidence that a crime has been committed, a Ramey Warrant will be issued. It is not uncommon for these types of warrants to be requested and processed after regular business hours.

Why is a Ramey Warrant Preferable to Law Enforcement Officers?

A Ramey Warrant is a preferable choice for law enforcement officers because it is faster than more traditional arrest warrants. Firstly, police agencies do not have to wait for the District Attorney to read and review the submitted paperwork. Secondly, police agencies may not feel that they have enough evidence to present to the district attorney to file charges but still have the option of a Ramey Warrant to proceed with their case. If a law enforcement officer can convince a judge to issue a Ramey Warrant he can arrest the person and question them in the hopes of gathering information and additional evidence to present to the District Attorney for filing. A Ramey Warrant typically remains valid for 90 days after its issuance.

When is a Ramey Warrant Filed?

One of the most common situations for law enforcement officers to choose a Ramey Warrant is when they have previously tried to file a case against an individual but it is rejected by the District Attorney due to lack of evidence. The general thought process is that once the person is arrested, additional evidence can be gathered during questioning and additional investigation techniques. However, if the person that has been arrested refuses to cooperate, the officer must either make the decision to file the case with the evidence they already have, or release the person.

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