What Happens at a DUI Checkpoint in Tulare, CA? Can You Be Arrested, Sent to Jail & Need Bail to Get Out?

When you are out on a holiday weekend you can easily come across a DUI check point. The police department in your area will set these up as a deterrent for drivers to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. The officers can stop the drivers that come by the area. The closer to a holiday comes, the more likely the check points will come. They are also commonly called a sobriety check. The officers are hoping to talk to and interview each driver to catch drunk drivers. The DUI Checkpoints are not hidden and are usually seen by the fact that two police cars have their lights on and parked on each side. A checkpoint can be intimidating and you need to know what to expect when you come up to one. Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds outlines what you can expect when pulling up to a DUI checkpoint.

What Responsibilities Do Officers Have?

When you are pulling up to a police DUI checkpoint you should know that they are not picking on you in particular. They have a routine that they are supposed to follow. The same way that you are treated is the way that the guy in front of you and behind you have been treated. Even if they suspect that you are extremely drunk or obviously not they have to run through the same process. That helps to not jump to any conclusions and to check each car out fairly.

DUI Checkpoints have to Be Marked

There are some instances that the police department will go undercover to find a perpetrator. When it comes to a DUI checkpoint the area has got to me marked clearly and cannot be hidden in any way. They have signals, lights and police vehicles that have to be used properly. They often times will even alert the public through the media about the checkpoint. Even with all this they still will find intoxicate or impaired drivers.

Police Officer Will Identify Themselves

When you arrive at a DUI check point you will be approached by an officer. The officer should be in his or her full uniform and will be wearing any protective gear that is necessary when working in the road. The checkpoint is marked as well as the officer which means that you should not be surprised.

You Can Be Arrested at a DUI Checkpoint

If you happen upon a DUI checkpoint and the officer interviews you he may find it necessary to further investigate. If this happens you may be asked to step out of the vehicle and preform some tasks that are commonly used to identify an impaired driver. If the officers feels that you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol they can and will place you under arrest. If this happens you will be taken to the local jail where you will be booked and wait to see a judge. Many times you can be released after a particular hold time while other require bail.

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