What Happens when Your Kid Gets Arrested in Visalia, CA? How to Set Up a Bail Bond to Get Them Out of Jail & More

No parent wants to get a call from the jail or arresting officer letting them know that their child has been arrested. Your child no matter what age is still your child and they are going to lean on you for help if they get into trouble. The arrest and jail time can be a scary time and as a parent you don’t want to see a child go through it. Not only do they need to get through the booking process but the legal parts of the case are just as scary. You need to understand what your child is facing and what boundaries you are going to set for the help you can give. Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds outlines what you can expect when you have a child that has been arrested.

How Can Your Child Be Arrested?

If you have a child that has been arrested there are two ways that can occur. If an officer sees the person doing an illegal act such as buying drugs, breaking and entering or robbing a store they can arrest them. Whatever law is broken that is in front of the officer is something that they can arrest immediately for. Another way is if the officer has evidence to support that your child has committed a crime. They will go through the court and request a warrant which they can use to pick them up. No matter which way it occurs your child will be picked up and taken to the local jail to be booked. Each jail has a very similar processing plan. The person that is arrested is taken in the jail and fingerprinted, pictured and placed in a holding cell while awaiting to see the judge.

How to Set Up a Bail Bond?

When you child has first been arrested no matter what the crime they are always booked. They then are placed in holding and will be arraigned when they see a judge. The judge will often times see several cases and that is the moment that they can have bail set. There are some crimes that if you are charged with will not allow you to bail out. Many crimes are so that you can bail out and take the time to prepare for your case. The judge will also take into consideration the former charges and criminal history when setting up bail. If your child has bail set you can contact a bail bond company to get the bail paid.

How to Get Bail Paid

Once your child has seen the judge you will know what the bail will be if any. Then you need to contact a bail company with some information so they can call the jail and arrange your child release. Before you move forward with bail you want to be sure that you understand what you are getting yourself into and what you require from the child. You are on the hook if they fail to go to court and any other requires stipulations.

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