What Happens if You Bail Someone Out But They Get Arrested & Go Back to Jail in Dinuba, CA?

After a person is arrested and requests a bail bond to get them out of jail, this is the time to prepare for your court date. Once you have posted bail you can get back to work, family and friends. When your court date arrives you will want to appear in court and face the charges. Not only does your actions show you are trying to do everything right, which will aid you in court, but you will also get your bail money refunded. However, everything will become much more complicated if you get arrested for a new charge while you are out on bail. For those who find themselves in this predicament, and want to know what to expect, Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds will share what happens when you are arrested again while on bail.

What Happens if Your on Bail & Commit Another Offence?

If you are arrested for a new charge while on bail, your current bail bond will not roll over on top of the current bail. When arrested, a new bail hearing occurs and you will undergo not one but two hearings. The defendant can get a second bail bond. However, a second arrest will place the defendant as being a high risk of committing another crime. As a result, the bail bond will be set much higher than the previous bail even if it is for a lesser crime. When the defendant is arrested for a second time, the original bondsman will not be automatically contacted. The defendant or another on behalf of the defendant, will need to contact the bail bondsman agency to request a second bail bond.

What Happens if I Get Arrested While Out on Bail Bond?

If you are arrested while out on bail, you will have its consequences. It is not good for a person to be arrested while out on bail. The judge can make the decision to increase the bail bond, deny bail, or forfeit the refund of the first bail which that money will go to the court. Following are some of the scenarios or considerations the judge may make that can include these consequences:
• Bail Increase – When the bail for the first arrest was set, the judge will look at the defendant’s crime, criminal history and if they are a flight risk. Often the first offense is taken more lightly and the bail and charges are often minor. If a defendant is arrested while out on bail and before their court date, the new charges will be much higher than the previous or original bail.
• Bail Revocation – Often if a defendant is arrested a second time, the judge can revoke the original bail altogether. At this point the defendant will be taken into custody, while the judge will then go over the details of both arrests. The defendant will then be charged with both arrests and a new bail will be set.
• Bond Forfeiture – If the judge rules that the original bail be forfeited, the defendant will be taken into custody and the previous bail will then need to be paid to the court. The bail bond agency will turn over all of the funds and any collateral that was given to meet the bail. The collateral will not contribute to the second bail and new funds or collateral will need to be provided.

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It is not a good thing to be arrested a second time, it will result in more money lost and loss of faith which will increase the charges against the defendant. If you or another person you’re trying to help requires bail bond services, contact Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds today.

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