What Happens if You Co-Sign for Someone’s Bail to Get Them Out of Jail in Portersville, CA?

When a family member or friend has been arrested you may want to help them post bail. It can take time for the bail amount to be determined, often after arraignment. While you wait for the arraignment to go through and the bail amount to be determined, you may already have made up your mind to help them post bail as a co-signer. Even while you wait for the arraignment, you can go talk to a bail bond agent. When you do, there are some important aspects of being a co-signer you should know. Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds can help prepare a bail bond and tell you what you what you need to know about being a co-signer.

What Happens During Bail Hearing Process?

When your loved one has been arrested (the defendant) they will first appear in court for the arraignment. The arraignment usually occurs within the first 48 hours from when the defendant was arrested. When the arraignment finally occurs, they will be read their rights and then be informed of their charges. During this time the defendant can plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest. The overseeing judge of the arraignment will go over the terms of the arrest and the defendant’s charges as well as any criminal history. If the crime was very minor and the defendant has no past criminal history, they may be released without bail. If the charges are indeed severe enough and the judge feels the defendant doesn’t pose a flight risk, they will set a bail and allow the defendant to be released on their own recognizance. After the bail amount has been set, the judge will schedule the defendant’s next court date.

How a Co-Signer Can Help Get Someone Out of Jail

During the bail hearing or the arraignment, the defendant, the defendant’s lawyer and loved can be in attendance. If you have made the decision to help pay for the bail, you are financially invested. This means you will want the defendant to be able to post bail and as low as possible. You can provide evidence to the defendant’s attorney that they are not a flight risk. The most valuable evidence you can provide is proof the defendant is a hard worker, which includes employment history, they are financially responsible, have community ties and have financial hardship that may help ensure a lower bail.

What Happens when Someone is Released on Bail?

Once the bail has been set, the defendant will be eligible to post bail. Just about anyone can be a co-signer and help the defendant post bail. Bail can be posted very high and unless the co-signer has the cash or some collateral, often a bail bond agent is needed to help meet the bail amount. A bail bond agency acts as a specialized loan service that posts bail for the defendant. The co-signer will need to pay a certain percent of the bail and the bail bond agency will do the rest. As long as the defendant does everything the court asks, the bail bond will be reimbursed. You do not have to wait for the bail hearing before you seek a bail bond agent. You can begin the process of the bail and have the bail bond ready and have them answer any question you may have about being a co-signer.

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