What is Considered A Simple Assault Charge in Madera County, CA & What is the Punishment?

Getting arrested is nothing enjoyable, especially for things that seem almost trivial. Getting in a heated argument with the other party starts getting physical and you merely defending yourself can still get your arrested on a simple assault charge. Let’s paint the scene. You go to your favorite bar for a little rest and relaxation with a few buddies. After a few beers you are feeling a little goofy, the night continues on with laughter and more drinks till right out drunk. Another patron bumps into you, hard, and you confront the brute only to receive a punch in the face, realizing the melee is continuing, you fight back. Now the cops are arresting you due to a simple assault charge that doesn’t reflect anything about you except you were looking for a good time and needed to defend yourself. So for argument sake, you were arrested, processed and posted bail with the reliable aid of the experienced Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds. But now what? Well first let’s break down what a simple assault charge is.

What is Considered A Simple Assault Charge?

During a heated argument you take a swing at someone that was within striking distance, but miss, or a brawl you didn’t start, is considered a simple assault in California. Words alone are not assault; however, threatening to hit someone with an object of any kind is considered assault when you show intent to carry out with the action of the threat. The identity of the victim is an important factor in determining the severity of the offense and the possible punishment of the assault charge. In most cases, a simple assault charge is a misdemeanor.

Violence Against Healthcare Workers Law

On a side note, an assault against any healthcare providers or persons providing emergency treatment outside a hospital or clinic, along with an assault against any public worker who are working their shifts can carry more severe penalties than the simple assault charge. If you knew or even should have known that the victim was a healthcare provider or public worker, it applies. Healthcare personnel and public workers include the following:
– Nurses
– Doctors
– Emergency medical technicians
– Paramedics
– School staff members
– Fire Fighters
– Lifeguards
– Animal control officers
– Highway workers
– Members of the United States military (When the assault is motivated by their military status.)
– Public transportation employees
– Probation department employees

Punishment for Simple Assault Charges

If you are found guilty of simple assault charges in California, penalties can include up to 6 months in the county jail and/or $1000.00 fine. Getting your personal affairs in order is a priority after Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds post bail. Find a good defense attorney and build yourself defense case.

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